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Composer | Software Engineer for Microsoft and Open Source | Writer
Photographer and technical editor with clients like author Dan Brown.

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  • Portrait by Sabira
  • “Where are you?” available now!

    “Where are you?” has been pushed into distribution and has started to appear across most of the streaming services! Check it out today!

  • Where are you?

    New Release
    Also released into general distribution. Expect to find it on spotify, etc by end of week.

  • Fan Review

  • Mallets on Glass

    Mulein Studios and Jessica Mulein present “Mallets on Glass: Vaguely Philip”.
    It is a reference to a certain musician as well as my dad!

    The release is pending review and worldwide distribution to all of the major streaming services in the next 1-3 weeks!

    Listen to it early on SoundCloud!