Jessica Mulein has been a software developer and engineer her entire life, starting with computers at a young age, at various points in her life she’s been a city bus driver, school bus driver, certified coal miner, edited books for Dan Brown, mom of two boys, widowed, remarried, able-bodied, in a wheelchair, mostly able again, and on. She’s also played the trumpet, saxophone, string bass, guitar, vibraphone, piano and has written multi track arrangements in her home and home studio since 1998. She’s even been paid a few cents for her songs, making her technically a professional musician, which she likes to point out. She also co-founded an internet service provider in the 90’s that is still running today.

She’s always had a love of writing and music that have enmeshed in a sense. When she can’t write, she writes music. When she can’t write music, or when she is writing, she listens to her old recorded music and it puts her right into that wonderful calm creative space that makes her brain work the best way possible. She does her best work listening to the virtually endless tracks she used to put down on the guitar, piano, and synthesizer. A lucky break becoming friends with Dan Brown sunk the hook on writing fiction even deeper, and if it was ever something she could let go of, it became inseparable.

She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area through the 80’s and 90’s, lived in Iowa for the 00’s, and 10’s, and finally escaped to the Seattle area with her wonderful wife Hannah in 2018 on her birthday- off to seek medical care, rejoin her children, and meet all of her new in-laws.