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  • Twitter Re-Decided

    After running a poll on Twitter and talking to a few people, I think at least tentatively I’ve decided to keep my account, but I am more than likely not going to put the effort into it I used to as it is kind of a dead end. I decided I value the friends I have there, and can’t afford emotionally to leave them at this time. I’ll probably continue to drive things from here and let them percolate to Twitter.

  • Twitter

    Decision time.

    My data archive has downloaded. I will probably import most of the content here when I can, regardless of anything else.

    Twitter is an immense platform I’ve spent 3 years building, the last year of which I’ve spent frustrated and been limited in my ability to build or grow it at all and may continue to do so until Twitter changes something.

    What should I do.
    Take a vote!

  • BrightChain Podcast

    I recently had a chance to interview with Darian Parrish from BitClout and CloutTrends!
  • BrightChain

    BrightChain is a Lightweight BlockChain- LightChain based on a Brightnet Blockstore- BrightChain. All the benefits of blockchain dApps and contracts without the mining and waste. Unlimited storage for everyone, and a mathematically reinforced and moderated community that will last for the ages.

    • BrightChain Engine in C#/.Net 6 (Currently requires VS 2022 Preview, or IntelliJ Rider)
    • Uses Microsoft’s FASTER
    • BrightNet BlockStore and API for BrightChain: The Revolution(ary) Network

    GitHub project:

    Check out the white-paper on BrightChain, the backbone of The Revolution Network.

  • Twitter, Facebook, and Social Media

    You might have noticed I deleted my Facebook account. This was in response to a decades long decline in quality of the platform, capped off by failure to mitigate themselves as being one of the biggest facilitators of the dissemination of false information.

    Shortly after, I also deleted my Twitter account. I had been struggling for a year with Twitter’s weird follow limit system, preventing me from following anyone new for pretty much a year without doing a lot of work. Additionally they provided no good way to deal with 5000+ followers, as scrolling to the bottom was near impossible to do without accidentally clicking something and losing your place. Twitter also had denied me for verification despite fitting their rules, but with the note that I was not notable enough. Apart from the fact I know there are verified Twitter users with fewer than the 3,200+ followers I had, why does one need to be notable in order to get a checkmark. I argue the only thing keeping me -from- being notable was the damn follow limit impeding my ability to grow my network as well as the checkmark which at least under their system provides some additional tools and increased limits which would have fixed my problem. Overall, they spent a year pissing me off and then rubbed it in my face. I left a platform I’d spent 3 years building, with some of my favorite authors and artists responding to me. I may regret this, but I am just done with Twitter as a company. I’d been trying to contact support and just being ignored this whole time.

    In any case, as you might also know, I’m in the process of writing my own social network and blockchain. It’s going to be a bit before it is even developed, let alone has the critical mass that Twitter has.

    Catch you around!
    Feel free to write.