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Composer | Software Engineer for Microsoft and Open Source | Writer
Photographer and technical editor with clients like author Dan Brown.

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  • Links

    Don’t forget to check out the links in the menu at the bottom to my various social media profiles, artist profiles (apple music, etc), and more.

  • Health

    I’m just dropping a note that I had a rough patch but am still around. Everything has been moving at a snails pace, but I am still moving. BrightChain proceeds and I’ve gotten out of my coder’s block, and my music is mostly on hold along with the writing… but give me time and a little grace, please.
    Happy Holidays.

  • The Meaning of It All

    Let me know what you think!

  • Move the Earth and Scorch the Sky

    Listening to Swift’s album, Red (Taylor’s Version), yet again and setting up my Medium account to start bringing you

    Move the Earth and Scorch the Sky
    an espionage thriller web-serial

    Formerly titled: “Spread Spectrum” as in the technology actress Hedy Lamarr invented.

    Move the Earth and Touch the Sky (Formerly: “Spread Spectrum”- new image forthcoming)

  • New Tracks!

    Released a couple demo tracks including a Halloween one on

    I will be releasing a couple videos this week showing how I made them on the new TheoryBoard!